Replica U.S. Army Air Force USAAF A-2 Leather Jacket with Paint & Patches Used

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It is an introduction of a replica A-2 that is very well made and has a good atmosphere. The low-altitude flight jacket worn by the U.S. Army Air Forces USAAF during World War II, the Type A-2. This jacket was transformed into the L2-A and L2-B. It is a well-made replica that retains the atmosphere of the period. The leather is still soft but needs maintenance. There is a white stain on the inside of the left arm facing you. The overall color is faded, with light brown areas mixed with dark brown areas. The interior also shows signs of use, with stains around the neck and tears in the fabric. The interior also has stains and dirt. The ribs are in generally good condition, but are stained. The patch on the chest is from the 95th Bomb Squadron and is a reproduction of the one worn by the 17th Bombardment group at the time. On the back is a hand painted Jack of Diamond. I believe this is a reproduction of the A-2 jacket worn by the bombardment group at the time. Overall condition is not good and will require maintenance to wear. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 51cm Body width 60cm Length 70cm Sleeve length 69cm

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