Replica Hong Kong Dragon Late Water Tiger Stripe Top and Bottom Set, very small production run

This item is temporary out of stock

We have just received a new stock of the popular Tiger Stripe replicas made by Hong Kong Dragon. Since we are currently out of stock of the US-L size, we will place an order after your order is placed, so please allow about one month for delivery. We are sorry to say that it may take some time to receive your order.

The thin, lightweight fabric is scored with the characteristics of the actual Late War pattern, and both the top and bottom are lightly finished. Bandage pockets are not present on the arms and pants as they are in the real thing. Because it is made in China, there are defects in sewing etc. in some places compared to the tiger stripes made in our store. Some of the button holes are not the same size as the buttons and the holes, so customers will need to adjust the button holes by themselves. Please note that these are not initial defects. We have inspected, but please contact us in the unlikely event that there are missing buttons. Late War pattern that was active in the late Vietnam War was also used such as Navy Seal. Lightweight fabric is also a popular point, so please do not miss the replica of the late war pattern that can be worn without hesitation.

<Measurements of each size are as follows

US-S jacket:

Shoulder width 47cm, Body width 57cm, Length 74cm, Sleeve length 58cm

US-S pants

Waist 42cm, inseam 32cm, inseam 78cm, total length 109cm, girth 32cm

US-M Jacket:

Shoulder width 50cm, body width 60cm, length 77cm, sleeve length 61cm

US-M pants

Waist 45cm, inseam 32cm, inseam 81cm, total length 110cm, width 32cm

US-L Jacket:

Shoulder width 53cm, body width 63cm, length 78cm, sleeve length 64cm

US-L pants

Waist 48cm, inseam 34cm, inseam 81cm, total length 113cm, width 33cm

US-XL Jacket:

Shoulder width 56cm, body width 67cm, length 82cm, sleeve length 67cm

US-XL Pants

Waist 53cm, inseam 35cm, inseam 86cm, total length 116cm, width 34cm

US-XXL Jacket:

Shoulder width 58cm, body width 70cm, length 86cm, sleeve length 68cm

US-XXL pants

Waist 55cm, Inseam 36cm, Inseam 87cm, Total length 117cm, Width 37cm

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