Real Zig Zag Pattern Tiger Stripe Okinawa made Suit Bag Used

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Released from our archives is a Tiger Stripe Suit Bag made of Zig Zag patterned fabric. It is presumed to have been manufactured in Okinawa as a personal souvenir. The main zipper used is a HAMA zipper, the front square pocket is YKK, and the parts are made in Japan. At the same time, this fabric was distributed by a tailor in the Kanatake-cho area of Okinawa Prefecture, and there are many souvenirs of these Okinawan procurements due to the proximity of the USMC's Camp Hansen. It is assumed that this suit bag is a part of them. It is likely that this suit bag was manufactured and embroidered with the leftover fabric from an order for tailor-made clothing such as a tiger-striped tuxedo jacket and a tour jacket from a suit tailor. It is in almost unused condition, but has overall discoloration due to light and other factors. It is assumed that the color was originally from a common zig zag pattern. The coloring is still there inside the front pocket, so there is no doubt that it was originally a common zig zag pattern color. We brought this item to Okinawa and obtained testimonials, so there is no doubt about it. At the same time, tour jackets and suvania jackets were also circulated by the USMC. Therefore, it is assumed that many of some Okinawan-made Tiger Stripe Okinawan items were manufactured in Kanatake. This boonie is part of those items and is a great privately sourced item. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that this is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size: 57 cm (length) by 102 cm (width)

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