Real US Navy USN M41 HBT Utility Jacket Used

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This WWII-era U.S. Navy M41 HBT utility jacket is the same model as the USMC jacket, but with different buttons and without the USMC stencil on the chest. The basic color and cut are the same as the USMC M41, and it is thought to have been worn by U.S. Navy soldiers who worked on land, such as beach batallions, etc. The USMC M41 is well known as the M41, but how about the USN M41 as well? The overall color is bright and has faded throughout. There are no noticeable stains or tears, but the condition is suitable for those who like used condition. The buttons are USN black buttons, and there is a possibility that the buttons may come off easily due to wear of the HBT fabric. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 52cm body width 58cm length 71cm sleeve length 58cm

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