Real US cut silver tiger stripe shirt US-L in good condition, little fading.

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This is an introduction to a US cut shirt with a silver tiger stripe pattern that is said to have appeared around 1964-65. It is not in new condition as the color still remains, but it is in very close factory condition. It has a two-button chest pocket and a bandage pocket on the left arm, and is a general US-cut shirt. There is a US-L stamp on the back of the neck with a handwritten name that appears to be the owner's. The Silver Tiger pattern is as old as the Okinawa Tiger (aka JWD) and is widely used, especially by CIDG soldiers. Many archival photographs show soldiers wearing this pattern. Among them, the larger shirts manufactured for American soldiers are very rare. The size notation at that time may not be the same as the size notation of the pants, as it varies depending on the individual and the lot. Please check the size on a flat surface. Overall, the color remains beautiful and you can see that it has been used few times, but as a common point in this lot, the finishing of the buttonhole is fraying badly. In addition, there is a small scratch on the back, part of the dirt. There is a hole on the back right side under the armpit. There is an ink stain on the lower part of the breast pocket, which can be seen from the lining side. It is assumed that it was probably caused by a pen. The item is a little stained and damaged, but it is a very hard item to find in recent years, so if you are looking for this opportunity, how about it? Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: US-L

Size (flat): Shoulder width 53cm Body width 57cm Length 73cm Sleeve length 58cm

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