Real US Army Poncho Liner Tour Jacket DUC PHO 1969-1970

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This is an actual tour jacket tailored with a U.S. Army poncho liner. Or, the jacket is called "Betojan" by Japanese enthusiasts. The embroidery does not go through to the back, so it is assumed to be a tailored item. Or, it was sold at that time in PX or souvenir stores at that time according to the age. The embroidery is chain-shaped, a characteristic embroidery found on lots made in Vietnam. The embroidery is also on the back, front, and sleeves. The embroidery is from Duc Pho province near Da Nang. It is dated 1969-1970. The lining is a tropical red color, almost like a watermelon color, and the area around the collar is faded from use. The poncho liner is in good condition with minimal fading. It is still in good condition and can be enjoyed. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 52.5cm Body width 59cm Length 70cm Sleeve length 55cm

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