Real U.S. Army OG-107 Utility Shirt with insignia, retrofitted, used.

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This is an early US Army OG-107 utility shirt. It is a combat uniform of the U.S. Army to be worn with the U.S. Army's OG-107 utility pants, also known as baker pants. Utility" means "work," but of course it was also used on the battlefield, and was active in the early days of the Vietnam War. It is said that this type was used more in the U.S. Air Force and Navy than the jungle fatigues. The US ARMY branch tape is thought to be the first time it was attached, but the rank insignia and other insignia is a post-attachment patch that imitates the early days and is thought to be a replica. The name tape has been removed. This shirt is highly versatile and can be worn casually. There are no size tags or contract tags. There is some fading, but it is in good condition and has no major scratches or repairs. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 45cm body width 53cm length 71cm sleeve length 62cm

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