Real Silver Tiger Stripe US-M BDQ Advisor Shirt Short Sleeve Custom

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Introducing the US Cut Silver Tiger Shirt, stamped US-M, with the South Vietnam Ranger insignia and the South Vietnam Airborne insignia patch sewn on the chest. Probably worn by American soldiers who were advisors to the South Vietnamese Rangers (BDQ), this silver tiger shirt has a US cut with two button chest pockets and a bandage pocket on the left arm. This cut is generally reproduced in replicas. The overall color has faded, and as the name "silver" suggests, it is in the process of gradually fading to white. The color is still there, and it is in the condition of just before entering the monotone. The shirt has been custom made with short sleeves, so it is difficult to wear in winter, but can be enjoyed as outerwear in summer, spring, and fall. There are no noticeable stains or scratches. It will be a very easy to recognize Silver Tiger US cut shirt. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: US-M

Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 49cm Length 68cm Sleeve length 24cm

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