Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe Shirt JWD Short Sleeve Custom Scratches, etc. Repair Buttons

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This is a short sleeve custom early Okinawa Tiger shirt. It is identical to the pattern referred to by collectors as John Wayne, JWD, etc. The bottom two buttons have been repaired with urea buttons from the same era. The name of the supposed owner is written on the collar. The hem of the cut-out sleeve is hand-stitched though it is a short-sleeved custom item. It is unknown if this was a modification during the war or not. There are traces of a Green Beret patch that was sewn on, but it is unknown if it was sewn on during the war or not. There are several small holes on the back. The finish on the left back sleeve is a little rough and originally has a sewing error. There is no size stamp. The overall impression is white with fading. Okinawa Tiger has multiple fabric lots and variations, so the black fading and overall fading may vary, but judging from the color, we assume this is a relatively early lot. There is a possibility that the shirt was once used as a short-sleeved shirt to be worn at the base. Because it is a used item, it is not returnable. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 48cm Body width 50cm Length 62cm Sleeve length 24cm

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