Real Medal of Honor recipient, late water tiger set, ex-SEAL Thomas R. Norris, grouping.

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This is a late water tiger stripe grouping worn by former US Navy Seal Thomas R. Norris, a Medal of Honor recipient, while serving in the U.S. Navy. A certificate of authenticity is included that it is ex-Thomas'.

The set includes a short-sleeved shirt, pants, and shorts with pants converted, all with US-S stamps.Mr. Thomas served in the US Navy from 1967-1975, in NAVY SEAL Team II from 1970, and He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1975 for his efforts in the rescue of two of USAF men and US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel  who had been shot down in April 1972 by a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and his men who had infiltrated into enemy territory to rescue them. The shorts come with one of the two sets of Tiger Stripes he was issued while stationed in Vietnam around 1970, which were almost never worn. He was originally a man of small stature, but a soldier as strong as a house of bricks. In fact, all of these late war tigers are stamped US-S, which is consistent with the fact that they are not particularly large. Also, considering the fact that it is custom made with short sleeves and the background that ERDL camouflage was already in operation as a major camouflage in the 1970s, it makes sense from the condition of the shirt, pants and shorts that this tiger stripe was used for other purposes rather than actually being used on the battlefield. The condition of the shirt, pants and shorts also makes sense. There is no such thing as conspicuous dirt, the loss of the button, and the repair of the wound, and although fading is seen in the shirt and pants, it can be assumed that the fading is not so strong compared with the tiger stripe of the same kind at that time when it was actually strongly used, and it was worn only in the scene such as in the base, and so on after the war. It will be able to be said that it is an item that remained after the war. It is a purchased item from another collector who owned it before it came to our store.

The shirt, pants, and shorts are in very good condition with no missing buttons. We are selling this item as a collector's item, not as a vintage garment in general, so if you are not satisfied with the item after you receive it, you may return it within 10 days of receipt for a refund.

Tiger Stripe items, especially those that belonged to Medal of Honor recipients, are very valuable and should be added to your collection at this time. International shipping is only available via FedEx. We will contact the purchaser after the order has been placed.

Size: All items are US-S (with stamp)

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