Real 1964 Japanese M51 ARVN Field Jacket HAMA Zipper Used

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Here is a very rare Japanese M51 Field Jacket with a contract number stamped on it, which indicates that it was made in Japan and manufactured in 1964. This is a very rare Japanese M51 Field Jacket. The cut is similar to the M51 field jacket, but there are some differences: ARVN soldiers have been photographed wearing a similar jacket, which was probably locally procured for South Vietnamese soldiers. The front zipper is a HAMA zipper made in Higashi-Osaka, and the jacket is made in Japan with white thread sewing. The lining is gray, but the color has faded and there is a sense of wear. This is a rare M51 jacket that was procured locally in a hurry to supply the local military because soldiers of mountain tribes and some highland areas wore the M51 at the time, and procurement could not keep up with production in the U.S. alone. It is in good condition and can still be enjoyed. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat)

Shoulder width 51cm Body width 54cm Length 73cm Sleeve length 52cm

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