Real Japanese Beogum camouflage locally made duck hunter flight suit, almost unused.

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The American military's frogskin camouflage, also known as duck hunter camouflage, was manufactured in Japan by Beogum Camouflage. This time, we would like to introduce a flight suit using this fabric. The front zipper is a HAMA zipper manufactured by a company in Higashi Osaka. It has been converted to short sleeves, but we can determine that it was converted to short sleeves because the thread sewn up the front of the sleeves is different after delivery. The rank insignia is embroidered on the collar and the pilot's insignia is directly embroidered on the chest. Perhaps, but it was sewn on during the process of customizing the short sleeves. It is a rare piece with a Japanese made tag. It is unclear whether it was made in Okinawa or mainland Japan at the time, and the fact that it has a civilian tag on it suggests that it may have been a civilian item made from surplus fabric. The fabric is thin, not the thick fabric used in some Asian and US cuts. This is a very interesting flight suit. Although it is almost unused, we will treat it as a used item. Please note that returns are not accepted.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 55cm Body width 57cm Length 163cm Sleeve length 27.5cm Waist (around the waist) 53cm

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