Real Made in Japan 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, short sleeves, custom, stained, used.

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In the early to mid Vietnam War, the U.S. military had a hard time procuring clothing for soldiers participating in the war, and many contract garment factories were in operation in the U.S. mainland. Japan was no exception, and many items of clothing were manufactured in Japan as work for the U.S. military. The most famous ones are the Beogum camouflage and Tiger Stripe, but some jungle fatigues are also made in Japan. The 2nd model introduced here is the very same Japanese-made item. Contract numbers from the Vietnam War usually start with DSA, but this lot starts with FEC, which is known as a contract number for procurement outside of Japan. In addition, there are other numbers that begin with DAJB, but this lot begins with FEC-39919 and is said to have been made in Japan. The font on the size tag and the type of font used on the other tags are different, and the direction of the contract number tag is also different from those made in the United States. The buttons are also a little rough, with some burrs, and although it is difficult to tell the difference from the American-made shirts at a glance, there are many details that are different. This shirt has light brown stains in several places and has been custom made with short sleeves. On the right chest, the name tape has been removed and there is a hole on the edge. There is also a patch removed on the left shoulder. The same thread is used for both the short sleeve custom and the silhouette custom. There is also a slight custom waist area. It is in Used condition, not perfect. Still, don't miss out on this very valuable 2nd model made in Japan. It is still in good condition to be enjoyed. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: Short-Medium

Size (flat): Shoulder width 47cm, body width 58cm, length 75cm, sleeve length 23cm

Because the waist is narrower, there is a possibility that the front does not close if you usually wear a Medium size. Please consider one size down for those who usually wear Small-Short.

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