Real 1983 M65 Extreme Cold Weather Coat, never used, mod coat.

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This is a 1983 M65 parka shell. It is what is called a mod coat, and since it was made in 1983, it is not an item from the Vietnam War, but since it is an OD garment, I will sell it in this category. This is an unused M65 coat, which was very popular in recent years. There is a hole on the left side near the hem. It is near the hem of the left side. It is a shell only, so the liner and hood are not included. Size is SMALL. This coat is becoming rare these days, so please don't miss this opportunity. It is unused, but will be treated as used goods, so you can not return it. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 61cm Body width 68cm Length 104cm Sleeve length 68.5cm

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