Real 1961 ARVN Windproof camouflage shirt, light fabric, missing buttons, rare.

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The Windproof camouflage used by the British SAS from the early 1940s was used by the French Army in the Indochina War after WWII, and was later locally made by the French-influenced South Vietnamese Army. The ARVN Brushstroke Windproof Camouflage Jacket is locally made. It also has a 1961 QM stamp. Also known as "Bloodcake" or "Pink" by collectors, this camouflage jacket is extremely rare.

There are two types of fabrics available, and this particular one is a lighter fabric with a slippery feel and a slight sheen to the camouflage. The color has faded and is lighter than the color when new, but the back of the pocket still has the color of the new one, making it easy to compare the differences. The buttons are unfortunately missing: the left epaulette, both breast pockets, and two front buttons. There are also stains on the collar and other parts of the back and inside, as well as some repairs. The armpads are missing on both sides Also. This is a very rare camouflage item with very few pieces in existence. If you are looking for this item, please do not miss it. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.


Size (flat):

Shoulder width 49cm Body width 58cm Length 70cm Sleeve length 45cm

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