Real U.S. Army Poncho Liner Tour Jacket 1970-1971 TAY NINH CU CHI

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This is a tour jacket made of a very tour jacket-like U.S. Army poncho liner, a jacket of a soldier who was deployed 1970-1971 and was assigned to TAY NINH province, north of Saigon, which we can tell was a soldier assigned to TAY NINH province. The jacket is embroidered with "CU CHI" on it, which suggests that he was stationed near the famous CU CHI Tunnel. From these, we can infer that he was probably a soldier in the U.S. Army. The embroidery includes commonly used phrases, a map of Vietnam, and other easily recognizable embroidery. The poncho liner appears to be relatively used. The lining is a bright blue fabric that shows signs of use. There is a lot of dirt near the neck; the letters CU CHI and the year appear to have been added later, with embroidery through the back. This is so because the letters were added to the embroidery before sewing.Compared to the other embroidery, CU CHI and the numbers are in a different style, so we assume that the craftsmen are different. It is likely that the embroidery was added later according to the owner's wishes. On the front, there are tigers and letters, and dragons and general embroidery on the arms. A very interesting piece of clothing. It has some signs of use, but is still in good condition to be enjoyed. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat)

Shoulder width 48cm Body width 53cm Length 72cm Sleeve length 61cm

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