Real Late War Pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt US-M Used

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This is an real Tiger Stripe shirt made of thin fabric and known as the Late War Pattern because it appeared in the latter half of the Vietnam War. The pattern is said to have been made in Korea. The thin fabric is unique and the camouflage pattern print is unique, such as blotches, compared to earlier ones. This shirt has a beautiful color with little fading. It is also a rare piece of clothing due to the fact that it is a US stamped piece. There are some patches that have been removed on the left and right breast pockets and on the left shoulder, but they are not so large as to be noticeable. The item is in good condition and can still be enjoyed. Compared to other Tiger, please be careful because the fabric is thin and may tear easily. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: US-M

Size (flat): Shoulder width 49cm Body width 60cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 55cm

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