Real Late War Pattern Tiger Stripe Shirt, large size, missing buttons.

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Introducing a late war pattern tiger stripe shirt from the late Vietnam War. It has been post-dyed, probably slightly green. It is made of light weight cotton and was probably used from the late 1960s to early 1970's. Unfortunately, the two front buttons are missing, and the bottom button has been repaired, so a different thread is used. There are no significant stains or scratches, but there is some fading. The factory color was brighter than the original, but the overall color, including the base color, has been dyed afterwards, which may have resulted in a more subdued color. The size is also large, and although the stamp has disappeared, it is probably about the size of US-M to US-L. The item is still in wearable condition. It is still in condition to be worn. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 54cm body width 63cm length 77cm sleeve length 61cm

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