Real ERDL non ripstop jungle fatigues jacket, used, scratches, etc. B

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This is a non-rip stop jungle fatigued jacket, estimated to have been manufactured around 1966-67. This jacket is from an early lot of non-rip ERDLs with a patchy print. There is a large hole on the left arm. It is used. It has a lot of damage such as holes, and the color is faded. It is not in good condition. It has a strong sense of use and needs repair and maintenance due to many scratches. There are holes on both arms. Repairs are needed. The price reflects this. None of the items are in good condition, so please check the pictures. Because it is used goods, returns are not possible. Please understand.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 46cm Body width 57.5cm Length 77cm Sleeve length 59cm

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