Real Deadstock 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket L-S Long term storage D

This item is temporary out of stock

This is an introduction of a dead stock 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket. There are many creases on the collar and other parts of the jacket because it was stored in a rather messy way for a long period of time. The item is not in a clean condition after being shipped from the factory, so it may not be a perfect deadstock item. This is a fatigued jacket that has been stored unused for a long time. The size labels and other information indicate that it has never been used. The size is the popular Large-Short. It is a large size, but it has a short finish, so it is a good size for everyday use. We have several items in stock, so please contact us even if they are sold out. Even if the photo description on each page is the same, the photos of the individual pieces are different. We will deliver the individual on that page. The item is unused and in storage, but will be treated as used. Please note that we do not accept returns.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 50cm Body width 67cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 61cm

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