Real Deadstock 1969 X-Large-Regular 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket

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This is an introduction of a very rare X-Large-Regular size Jungle Fatigue, made in 1969, in an unused condition at that time, a dead stock item. The buttons have some deterioration, but the fabric is still solid and very clean with no fading. The X-Large size was a large size at the time, and although deadstocks like this can sometimes be found, they are very rare even in our store. We hope that those who are looking for it will not miss it. It is an unused item, but will be treated as a used item because it will be an item from nearly 50 years ago. Please note that we cannot accept returns.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 54cm, Body width 71cm, Length 87cm, Sleeve length 66cm

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