Real DAJB contract number 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, faded, used. Japan made

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This is a 2nd Model Jungle Fatigue jacket, presumably made in Japan, starting with the DAJB contract number. It is estimated to be from around 1966. There are no major differences from the American-made version, but the size label and other label contents, fonts, buttons, and intent differ in detail.

Unfortunately, the size tag is almost removed and the contract tag is also almost removed and difficult to read. The proximity between Japanese and American made is as explained earlier. The overall color is faded and the edges are scattered with whitened areas. There are red stains on the bottom and stains on the back. It is not in clean condition and is suitable for customers who prefer "used" pieces. This is a rare Japanese-made fatigues, so please do not miss it. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that this is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size (flat measurement):

Shoulder width 45cm, Body width 56cm, Length 72cm, Sleeve length 58cm

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