Real, Circa 1967-1968, Pile liner inner Helmet bag, good condition, rare.

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This is an introduction of a bag with a rare pile liner fabric used for the inner lining among the helmet bags called "3rd Model" of the estimated 1967-1968 lot. Generally known helmet bags started to be manufactured from this period, and only a small part of them were made of pile fabric, which was also used for the liners of U.S. military field jackets in the 1950s. The helmet bag introduced here has an inner lining that corresponds to that small number of lots. Later, leaf camouflage, also known as poncho liners, was adopted by some and eventually OD-colored liners became the mainstream. This bag was actually used by the owner of the MA-1 already on sale, who was a medical helicopter pilot and found it with his helmet. It is in very good condition with little use and some dirt. The zipper of the bag can be opened and closed, but the movement is a little reluctant, so it is currently stored in a released state. It can still be used with some maintenance. When closing the bag as it is, it takes a lot of force because the metals are hard against each other. Please maintain the bag before use to prevent breakage. The name tape is attached to the back and the seam is through the lining. This is a rare helmet bag in very good condition with little fading and only some stains near the bottom. If you are looking for one, this is a great opportunity. Please note that this is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand that it is a used item and cannot be returned.

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