Real CIDG C-3 Mike Force "China Boy" or BDQ Tiger Stripe Set SOG Boonie Used

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This is a very rare Tiger Stripe set. It is estimated that the C-3 Mike Force, aka "CHINA BOY", or South Vietnamese Ranger soldiers(BDQ) who belonged to the Civilian Irregular Defense Group Program (CIDG) during the Vietnam War were wearing these stripes. Tiger stripe grouping. The jacket still has traces of C-3 Mike Force or South Vietnamese Ranger patches, as well as name tape and branching tape marks. Considering the tiger stripe pattern and actual use record, it is highly likely that the jacket was worn by a C-3MikeForce soldier. It also includes a very rare locally made SOG boonie, which has been worn by CIDG soldiers in photos and other documentation. The jacket is a size A-M Okinawan Tiger pattern, originally Asian cut, modified into a fatigued version with additional pockets sewn on. Normally, Asian cut jackets do not have bandage pockets on the arms, but these have been added using a different pattern fabric. The size has also been modified and custom-made. The pants are US cut zipper fly with HAMA zippers in the earlier cuts with size tags on the belt loops. Thus, the pockets at hand are included. As for the size, they have been resized based on the US cut. The buttonholes are beautifully finished, so we assume that they were probably sewn in mainland Japan. Therefore, it is possible that this is an early lot. The boonie hat is made of silver tiger pattern fabric with black lining. The jacket, pants, and boonie are all very worn and used. Both the jacket and pants are probably made from the same lot of Okinawa Tiger fabric, so it is likely that the jacket and pants were tailored from a unique combination of the Tiger Stripe shirt and pants that were supplied. As a guess, they may have been worn by an American advisor. The size is neither too large nor too small. It may have been worn by a local interpreter.

The boonie hat alone is very rare, but this is a great grouping that also comes with local modified tiger stripes. Both the jacket and pants have numerous repairs, alterations, and stains. The jacket has numerous signs of having been resized. The pants have missing buttons on both the butt pockets and cargo pockets. There is a 1cm tear at the base of the inseam. The button on the waist of the pants is also missing. The boonie hat has a strong sense of use and faded color. This is a very rare tiger stripe set and a great collection. All items are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 47cm Body width 49cm Length 68cm Sleeve length 58cm

Waist 37cm Hip 49cm Inseam 28cm Inseam 72cm

Cap about 56cm

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