Real 2nd Model 3rd Model Eclectic Rare Lot Jungle Fatigue M-R Jacket Used

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The gas flap, rear adjuster, contract tag, and instruction tag from the 2nd Model are still present, but without the epaulettes. There are no stitching marks as far as we can see, so we think this is an error or an unintentional compromise manufactured during the transition period of the 3rd Model. Size M-R is the best size. The overall color is faded, and there are some patch marks including name tape and branch tape. The tapes appear to have been forcibly removed and are torn. There are brown stains on both the back and front. It is not in the cleanest condition, but it is suitable for those who like used condition. This is a rare eclectic piece, so don't miss it. This is a used item and cannot be returned.


Size (flat on the floor)

Shoulder width 49cm Body width 61cm Length 79cm Sleeve length 62cm

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