Real 1970's Thai Tiger Tiger Stripe Pattern Hunting Jacket Used

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This hunting jacket is made of tiger stripe fabric used in Thailand in the 1970s. The camouflage pattern is almost the same as the silver tiger stripe used during the Vietnam War, and was copied and developed independently. At the same time, a similar fabric was developed in the Philippines and a very similar camouflage pattern was used. This particular item consists of four pockets, all of which have metal snap buttons. The metal has some rust on it, but it is still usable. The left breast pocket has a different metal snap button, and inside the pocket is a pen pocket or a strap sewn on to hold a bullet or other object. The overall sewing is rough and unlined. It has a zipper closure. It works fine. There are no buttons on the sleeves. The size is relatively large, and although the color is faded, it is still in good condition to be enjoyed. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 52cm, Body width 63cm, Length 72cm, Sleeve length 57cm

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