Real 1970 Deadstock 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket X-S-R

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This is a dead stock 4th Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket made in 1970. The size is X-SMALL-REGULAR. This item has been stored for a long time without being worn. There is some tanning etc. along with the long term storage. This jacket is in good condition and can still be enjoyed for a long time to come. The blanche tape is the first time it has been attached. There is a patch on the left shoulder that was originally sewn on but has since been removed. The condition of the jacket is very good, although it is not perfect deadstock. Although it is a dead stock item, it is nearly 60 years old and will be treated as a used item. Please note that returns are not possible.

Size (flat measurement):

Shoulder width 42cm, body width 49cm, length 78cm, sleeve length 60cm

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