Real 1969 X-Large size L-2B flight jacket, used, good condition.

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This is an real 1969 U.S. Air Force L-2B flight jacket, the L-2B was developed as a winter jacket for fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, and other pilots flying at low altitudes. Originally, the A-2 jacket of WWII corresponds to the same positioning. This item has some light brown stains all around the shoulder area. The pockets are early type without flaps. The knitwear has been repaired, but is relatively clean. There are no noticeable tears. The size is X-Large, so it is a good size to wear large. The lining is also clean. It is a used item, so it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: X-Large

Size (flat): Shoulder width 54cm Body width 66cm Length 60cm Sleeve length 62cm

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