Real 1966-1967 Rare Local Modified Flight Suit ERDL Early Prints

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This is an early print ERDL camouflage jacket and pants, estimated to have been manufactured around 1966-1967, locally modified and made into a flight suit. Camouflage flight suits were used by helicopter pilots especially the Army and Marines, not Air Force pilots. The tiger stripe flight suit was procured by the Marine Corps, which probably needed a camouflage flight suit for some reason and tailored it using a jacket and pants. I think this is the one that was probably used by the Marines. This is a very rare and irregular combat uniform that was not supplied by the military but procured locally. It is very rare.

The overall color is faded and there is a hole on the right sleeve. The size is SMALL. There are no missing buttons. The inner lining has many marks of modification as it seems to have been really forced to attach the top and bottom together. this is one of the most popular early poplin print lots of the ERDL camouflage, so don't miss out. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 44cm Body width 52cm Length 145cm Sleeve length 56cm Waist 37cm Inseam 72cm

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