Real 1963 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket S-S Used

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This is a 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket manufactured in 1963. Overall, it has a strong sense of use, and the edges have faded to the point of whitening. The fabric is somewhat dry and dotted with stains. It appears to have been stored in a dry area for an extended period of time. There is a slight glue-like impression, which can be alleviated by hand washing with warm water. The color has faded, and there are some areas that look slightly yellowish green. A stenciled name can be seen on the lower back. Overall, the item has a strong sense of use and is not in good condition, but it is for those who like Used condition. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.


Size (flat):

Shoulder width 48cm Body width 56cm Length 74cm Sleeve length 58cm

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