Real 1963 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket, L-L, torn, repaired, used

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This is a 1st Model Jungle Fatigue from 1963. Unfortunately, there is a large tear on the sleeve. It is probably the result of a patch that was forcibly removed. There is also a large repair near the back of the collar, so overall the condition is not good. There are also stains and a strong sense of use overall. The size is LARGE-LONG, which is large and rare. There are no missing buttons. Used condition. It is in a condition that requires maintenance and repair. The price is a little cheaper than the price of the larger size. This jacket is suitable for those who like to wear larger and prefer used condition. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat measurement): LARGE-LONG

Shoulder width 53cm Body width 65cm Length 85cm Sleeve length 66cm

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