Real 1958 U.S. Navy summer flight suit 38 REGULAR size used B

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This is a 1958 U.S. Navy summer flight suit. Size 38 SHORT, used with some stains. The Air Force flight suit is well known, but the Navy flight suit has a similar shape to the K2-B. It is somewhat different and has a light beige color. It has numerous pockets, making it a versatile item for work, reproduction, and everyday use. There are multiple black stains on the back. There are also brown stains on the surface. If you have been looking for this item, please do not miss this opportunity.

It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 49cm Body width 52cm Waist 45cm Hip 55cm Total length 135cm Inseam 76cm Sleeve length 58cm

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