Real 1957 M51 cotton field pants, deadstock, M-R, never used.

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These M51 field pants were made in 1957. They are made of thick cotton and are almost the same shape as the M65 pants, but differ in details such as the internal contraption, size stamped on the inside, and the buttons are different. These pants are in very good condition and remain as they were at the time. The color is a strong green OD, which is a popular color. The size stamps and other details are still in good condition, so they have not been drained. It is still in good condition and can be enjoyed. It has not been used, but it is a product that is over 50 years old, so it will be treated as a used item. Please note that we do not accept returns.


Size (flat): Waist 41cm Hip 65cm Inseam 37cm Inseam 73cm

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