Real 1950s USAF flight suit K2-B, unused, with tags.

Only 1 left in stock!

This is an unused 1950's lot of US Air Force K2-B flight suit with size tag, The zipper is beige, and the coveralls are very functional, designed for quick access to essentials when sitting in the cockpit of a flight suit that was commonly worn during the Vietnam War. This particular piece still has the light red size tag and is in very clean, unused condition. The label sewn on the back of the neck of the main body is also in black and gold and is from the 50's. The condition shows that it has almost never been used. Unfortunately, the zippers have deteriorated and the sliders are a little reluctant to move, so they need to be cleaned before wearing. All zippers are made by CONMAR, and the K2-B is a popular item for everyday use as it is easier to coordinate than other flight suits. The K2-B is a great item, and there are only a few unused pieces left. Although it is in unused condition, it is not in perfect condition because there are also dirt, etc. by the time of storage. Please note that we do not accept returns.


Size (flat): Shoulder width 48cm Body width 64cm Length 167cm Waist 55cm Sleeve length 67cm Inseam 82cm

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