Real 1942 Soviet Russia Amoeba camouflage sniper smock, used, good condition.

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This is an amoeba camouflage sniper camouflage smock with a 1942 stamp, used by the Russian military during the WWII Soviet Russian era. The amoeba camouflage is considered to be rare among Russian military camouflage, but we have received a smock in very good condition. Although there is a little fading, most of the original color remains. It has some signs of wear, but is in very good condition. It is a smock, so it is worn over the top like a pullover, with MB and some initials in blue letters written on the back, but some of the ink has bled through to the surface. It is a smock, so the sizing is rough. Actual measurements are also rough. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: Sleeve length 87 cm, Length 89 cm

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