Real 1940s WWII British Army Windproof Camouflage Indochina War Zipper Custom Jacket Used

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This is a WWII British SAS jacket in Windproof camouflage. After the war, the British Army provided this jacket to France, and it was modified with a zipper to make it easier to put on and take off during the Indochina War. This is one of those jackets. It was originally made in England in 1943.

The hood has been removed and the collar has been built. The zipper is not attached all the way to the top and ends at about 7''. The chest is therefore quite wide. The jacket is not meant to be worn by itself, but rather worn with something inside. The fabric is thin, and the red color in the photo shows a strong red, but it is a more subdued brown and actually looks light brown. The jacket itself has been sewn very aggressively, so the roughness of the stitching is noticeable on the lining side, but the surface is in good condition with little fading. There are no missing buttons. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (measurements on a flat surface):

Shoulder width 65cm Body width 67cm Length 67cm Sleeve length 50cm

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