Real 1940s German Army Splinter Camouflage Locally Made Field Jacket Used

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This is a 1940s German military locally made camouflage jacket. The camouflage pattern is splinter camouflage, which was used in the 1950s and was the original camouflage with some differences in color and pattern. The jacket was manufactured using fabrics such as shelter half-tents or camouflage covers for vehicles that were supplied at the time. It is assumed that the jacket was tailored for soldiers who were not wearing camouflage uniforms, such as vehicle units, because they needed camouflage when operating outside of their vehicles. This is a very rare jacket. The fabric is thick. The jacket is reversible, with a slightly brighter camouflage printed on the reverse. Overall, the jacket has some fading and stains. It is in good condition and can still be enjoyed. It has some wear, scratches, and repairs, but it is suitable for those looking for a slightly different jacket. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (measurements placed flat):

Shoulder width 44cm Body width 55cm Length 71cm Sleeve length 63cm

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