Real 1940s German Army Safariana Jacket with missing buttons, used.

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This is a German military safari jacket from the 1940s. It was developed for tropical regions and was originally based on the Italian military safari jacket. This jacket was intended for use in tropical regions such as Greece and the Mediterranean, not Africa. The unique chest button flap is a distinctive feature of this jacket. There are some marks where rank insignia and other insignia had been removed from the jacket. Unfortunately, the bottom two front buttons are missing. There are brown stains throughout. The lining also has stains. The area around the sleeves is particularly dirty and worn. Although not in good condition, this is a rare jacket with only a few in existence. Please don't miss it. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat measurement):

Shoulder width 44cm, body width 57cm, length 75cm, sleeve length 62cm

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