Real 1940s 2nd Model U.S. Army Winter Combat Jacket, Tankers Jacket, Used

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This is an actual 2nd Model U.S. Army Tankers Jacket from the 1940s. The official name of this jacket is the Winter Combat Jacket, and it was originally a winter combat jacket for soldiers in general, including infantrymen, but tankers liked to wear it, so it is called the Tankers Jacket. The short length and ribbing of the jacket made it useful for use in small vehicles.

This one is in good overall condition, but the sleeve ribs are worn and damaged. It needs to be repaired. As is the case with flight jackets, the ribs are made of wool and are prone to damage due to insect bites and wear that accompanies use. There are no insect bites on the main body, but there is a little dirt overall. There is also a red stain, but it is probably a rust stain. The lining is clean and still in good condition for enjoyment. The QM tag is missing. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat)

Shoulder width 51cm Body width 62cm Length 58cm Sleeve length 64cm

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