[Limited Production] Okinawa Mugi's Embroidery MILITARIA 1911 Silver Tiger US Cut Shirt Tour Jacket

Only 1 left in stock!

This is our own replica Souvenir jacket embroidered by Mugi's, which has been running an embroidery store in Okinawa for over 50 years and is famous for its bowling shirts and other embroideries. Our design is embroidered on the back of the Silver Tiger US cut shirt made by MILITARIA 1911, which was released last year. This will be a completely limited production run, with only one of each size currently in stock.

The back of the shirt has been redesigned by our store using the design of a custom-made Vietnam War tour jacket as a motif. The embroidery is of course old-fashioned hand sewing machine embroidery with some curvature in letters and straight lines, but it is a very tasteful design. We also have a label with the shop's name to indicate that it is embroidered by Mugi's. Please enjoy adding your own patches and embroidery to the chest and shoulders.

Please refer to the size chart on the third photo for the size of each jacket. We are sorry, but there will be no sales this time for sizes that are out of stock.

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