[Delivery in early March 2024] MILITARIA 1911 Silver Tiger Stripe 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket MADE IN JAPAN

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*Scheduled to begin shipping sequentially around early March 2024. Any changes will be announced on our social media.

*Please scroll down the product photo to see the size chart.


The 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket is a limited production item using the silver tiger stripe fabric of the MILITARIA 1911 reproduced, which released in 2023. The Silver Tiger appeared on the battlefield from 1964 to 1965 and was used by many CIDG soldiers and Special Forces soldiers as well as the Okinawa Tiger that appeared a short time earlier. At that time, there were many privately procured Tiger striped combat uniforms manufactured in tailor stores and souvenir stores around military bases in South Vietnam and Okinawa. Considering the historical background of such items, the 1st Model Jungle Fatigue Jacket was manufactured using Silver Tiger fabric. The Jungle Fatigue jackets that were used from 1964 to 1965 were mostly 1st model, so Silver Tiger has been producing the 1st model jackets. Tiger has reproduced the 1st Model.

Our fabric is made to fade like the real thing. It will take a few months to a few years for the fabric to fade to white like the original. Please do not fade or age the fabric in ways that exceed our expectations, such as boiling water, as with the shirts and pants that are already on sale. Please enjoy the changes that will gradually fade over time to be used many times.

Sampling each part from the real 1st Model Jungle Fatigue of the U.S. military government-issued, we manufactured. The size of the pockets are the same as those produced at the U.S. military-affiliated factories, and the characteristic internal gas flap has also been reproduced. The shoulder epaulettes and exposed buttons on the pockets, which are characteristic of the 1st model, are also reproduced. It an enjoyable piece.

Due to the limited number of fabrics left, the production will be limited this time as well, so don't miss out on this Jungle Fatigue as we do not plan to release the Silver Tiger in 2024.

Size range: XS to XXL (size details are in the middle of the product photo)


*The product pictured is a sample. There is a possibility that some of the specifications may be changed from the actual product to be delivered.

*Please note that there will be individual differences such as the position of the camouflage pattern. You can not choose.

Our cotton fabric will shrink. The horizontal shrinkage is -0.8% and the vertical shrinkage is -2%. Shrinkage will be reduced by stretching it gently when it is wet.

*We do not accept custom-made items with individual size adjustments due to fabric availability.

*We do not accept orders for size adjustments or sewing on patches. Please make your own arrangements.

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