2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Jacket MADE IN JAPAN

サイズ:US-XS(New Size)
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2023 Release Second run.

We plan to start shipping in early to mid-June 2023. We have prepared a new size, US-XS, which is the smallest size among all the US cut sizes, although even the small size is large. Please check your size and consider the shrinkage rate of the fabric as described below.

<Product Description

It is a precise reproduction of the gold tiger stripe, which is said to have been manufactured around 1966-1969. It is the first precise reproduction of MILITARIA 1911 .

This jacket has two pockets on the chest and a bandage pocket sewn on the left arm. All measurements were taken precisely from the original US cut shirt. Following the original cutting method, the pattern used on the front and the pattern used on the back were reproduced as closely as possible to the originals. The texture of the fabric and the condition of the sewing are also reproduced as much as possible from the real thing, making this the ultimate reissue.

Our fabric will fade and gradually turn yellow like the original. You won't notice it right away, but it will age with repeated use, washing, and exposure to the sun. The fabric will change with age, but this is not a product defect. We inspect our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect, we will replace it with an equivalent product or refund your money.


*The product photo is of the first lot released in 2022. The fabric and sewing workmanship are equivalent. Please note that there will be individual differences such as the position of the camouflage pattern.

*Our cotton fabric will shrink. The width is -1% and the length is -6%. The length of the garment will shrink, but it will not shrink in a way that makes it difficult to wear. If you are concerned about it, please stretch it gently when it is wet to reduce shrinkage.

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