Unknown authenticity 70's poncho liner made jacket, never used, unknown place of production.

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This is an introduction of an outerwear made with a 70's US Army poncho liner of unknown authenticity.

Souvenir jackets with embroidery etc. on the back are very famous, but it is unknown if this jacket was made in the 60s-70s or if it is a postwar item made with vintage parts. Therefore, we will assume that the authenticity is unknown. The color of the liner suggests that it is in almost unused condition, and considering the YKK zippers, etc., we can say that it is a post-Vietnam War item, as the parts seem to be from around the 1970s. You can add embroidery to this item if you like. The poncho liner is made of polyester artificial cotton between the nylon fabric and the fabric. Therefore, it is manufactured with a warm fabric, although it is very sensitive to heat. The lining is not treated where the poncho was cut and there are areas where the artificial cotton is visible. Overall, the sewing looks simplified, but can still be worn. Because it is a used item, it cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 55cm body width 62cm length 75cm sleeve length 61cm

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