Authenticity unknown Real fabric Okinawa CISO Tiger Tiger stripe fatigues pants in good condition

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We are adding this to the original category because the fabric is real, although there is some uncertainty as to its authenticity.

This is a custom-made Tiger Stripe Jacket in the pattern called "Okinawa CISO Tiger" or "JWD" or "John Wayne", and unusually, it is a jungle fatigues cut jacket. We are now selling the jacket in the same fabric at the same time. The fabric is real, but some of the sewing methods and buttons are questionable, so we cannot say that it is 100% real. The fabric is one of the characteristics of the Okinawa CISO Tiger fabric, which is said to be one of the earliest fabrics used in the industry. The buttons are probably American and there is a possibility that they are reproductions using real fabric. However, they are beautiful as they are very nicely colored and typical of Okinawan Tiger. There is little sign of use. From the above points, this Tiger Stripe Fatigue cannot be said to be real, but can be enjoyed for everyday use or reproduction wear. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size(Flat): Waist 41cm Hip 56cm Inseam 80cm

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