Authenticity unknown Real fabric Okinawa CISO Tiger Tiger stripe fatigued jacket in good condition

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We are adding this to the original category because the fabric is real, although there is some uncertainty as to its authenticity.

This is an unusual custom-made jungle fatigue cut tiger stripe jacket with a pattern called Okinawa CISO Tiger, or JWD, John Wayne. The fabric is real, but some of the sewing methods and buttons are questionable and cannot be said to be real. This is one of the characteristics of the Okinawa CISO Tiger fabric, which is said to be early because of the heavyweight upper fabric used. It has an adjuster on the back, although it is cut in the 3rd or 4th jungle fatigues. The buttons are probably American and possibly a reproduction using the actual fabric. However, they are beautiful, with very clean colors, typical of Okinawan Tigers. Although not noticeable, there are numerous patches that have been removed. From the above points, this Tiger Stripe Fatigue cannot be said to be real, but can be enjoyed for everyday use or reproduction wear. This is a used item and cannot be returned.

Size(Flat): shoulder width 43cm, body width 50cm, length 66cm, sleeve length 59cm

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