Civilian Products Frogskin Duck Hunter Camouflage Outerwear Waterproof Used Vinyl Fabric Used

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This is a civilian product frogskin camouflage, also known as duck hunter camouflage outerwear.

This outerwear is positioned as hunting wear or stadium coat, and the fabric is made of vinyl, making it a very unique outerwear for use in the rain. It is a very popular duck hunter camouflage, so we think it is a very interesting variation of a civilian product. THE RMALITE INSULTED, STADIUM PARKA is written on the label and has a size L tag. The year of manufacture is unknown; it is marked MADE IN TAIWAN. It shows signs of use, with some white stains adhering to some areas. The lining is made of cotton and processed with polyester cotton. The lining has some stains and other marks from use. Because it is vinyl fabric, it is highly waterproof, but it is weak against heat, so please be careful when you wear it in outdoor activities, etc. It is a condition that can still be enjoyed. Because it is used goods, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat): 95cm digit length, 66cm width, length 90.5cm

It will be the product of raglan sleeves.

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