Civilian American Vintage Frogskin Camouflage Coveralls, Used.

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These are U.S. Army frogskin camouflage "Dug Hunter" coveralls made of Hong Kong cotton, probably from the 1970s. This item was sold as a civilian item at the time. This item is sold as a vintage garment. The fabric is thin and easy to wear. The zipper is a hook type, not a lock type, and is in very good condition. The knees are stained and the front and back show some sun fading. It can be worn with outerwear or shirts in any combination. Considering the parts, etc., it is estimated that the item is from the late 1960s to 1970s. It is still in condition to be worn, so how about it for the coming season? Because it is used goods, returns are not possible. Please understand.
Size: 50cm shoulder width, 63cm width, 58cm sleeve length, 145cm length, waist (around the waist) 49cm, inseam 70cm ※ Measurements taken flat

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