East Germany Raindrop Camouflage Strichtar Jacket Used B

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This is a rain drop camouflage jacket commonly known as an East German army jacket. The official name is "Strichtar" is a camouflage pattern that was used not only in East Germany but also in the former eastern countries. It was widely used by the East German army and border guards, etc. It is one of the most representative camouflages from the 1970s to the end of the 1980s.

The product has two pockets on the arms and an inside pocket on the chest that is not exposed to the outside.

There are holes and holders for attaching the rank insignia unique to the East German army on the front. Although it is in a state of almost unused, discoloration due to age, please do not think of it as a used item because it has faded. Already more than 30 years have passed since the disappearance of East Germany, you can say that the jacket will become a rare item in the future.

The fabric is thick, so it can be worn casually and is still in good condition for use as a reproduction. The size is also a modern man's size, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: sk48

Measurements (flat): shoulder width 48cm, body width 50cm, sleeve length 57cm, length 70cm

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