Original Late model ripstop fabric Jungle Fatigue S-R, partially damaged, made in 1968

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This is an actual Jungle Fatigue in late model ripstop fabric from 1968.
The overall color is faded to the extent that it is strongly felt. Originally, it was a slightly darker color of khaki drab, like a mixture of khaki and olive green.
The color was originally a slightly darker shade of khaki and olive green, but when the light hits it, the color fades to a degree that makes it seem more intense, giving it a strong white impression. When I think of it as a vintage garment, I think it has a tasteful faded color.
I think it is a tasteful fading. There is no evidence that the patches have been removed or attached, and there is one tear on the back.
It is in good condition and can still be worn. There is no damage to the buttons.
It is an Original, but because it will be treated as a released product, returns are not possible. Please understand.


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