Original Late model ripstop fabric jungle fatigues, estimated circa 1969-1970 lot, no size/contract tag

Only 1 left in stock!

The size and contract tag are missing, so the year of manufacture is unknown. From the condition of the sewing and fabric, I would guess that the lot was made around 1969-1970.
There are some cases where SF troopers have removed all tags, so how about using it as a base for such modifications? There are some marks where patches have been removed. It is thought that the tags were removed after or during the war for some reason. The color is OD green with hints of brown and khaki. At a quick glance, the impression is that the brown is strong, but it generally converges to OD green. It is in good condition with some fading and a sense of use. The price is slightly discounted for the lack of a tag. It is in good enough condition to wear without any problems at all. I think it is best suited for everyday use as well as a base for SF and SOG crew customization. It is an Original, but because it will be considered used goods, it is not possible to return. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 41.5cm Body width 51cm Sleeve length 57cm Length 73.5cm

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